Can You Really Bring Sexy Back(pack)?


I have reached a place in my life where I need an ADULT BACKPACK.

Because I walk to work for an hour each way I need something that is comfortable on my back and evenly distributes the weight, and since I bring my laptop to work I can’t just carry a small purse (seriously no messenger bag or cute purse will cut it).

However, it is hard to feel like an adult when you are rocking a MEC backpack. Do I blow my load and get the world’s most expensive backpack, or do I play it safe and get the $65 pack that will do just as good of a job?

What says “I am walking to WORK as a very professional woman in Television” and not “I am running late to a CLASS I’ll probably sleep through anyways”? Is it even possible to wear a backpack and look like a sexy, sophisticated adult? And so begins the great adult backpack debate.

1. Will Leather Goods Oaxacan Bag – $375

2. Old Faithful – $230

3. Makr Farm Rucksack – $160

4. Everlane – $65

6 thoughts on “Can You Really Bring Sexy Back(pack)?

    • I’m a huge fan of those bags Rebecca! My only worry is that I would destroy it in a week (I wear my shit hard!). Are they sturdy?

  1. Nice site! You have totally described my own backpack conundrum, walking to work is excellent except for the stuff. My current one is black and far too sporty. #3 is lovely. Did you make a choice?

    • Hi Lisa! Thanks so much for checking out my site. And I know, it’s hard to feel like a confident working woman when walking around with a bulky, sporty backpack! I also love #3. And no I have not made a choice yet! Do you have any other recommendations?

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