I wouldn’t say my family and I are “jokesters” in any way, but oddly enough, in the past few years we have become a bit obsessed with surprise visits. I think it’s because we simultaneously like making people happy, and cry. My sister laid a big one on me at my university grad by flying […]

Dear Social Media, I’m sorry I suck at you.

Last week I scientifically explained why I would start posting other people’s content besides my own. And I didn’t mean post other people’s work on the blog, I meant across the rest of the social networking landscape. But now, I feel like I need to explain myself MUCH FURTHER about why that is actually a […]


Lately I’ve been trying to understand the internet, specifically content CREATORS and content CURATORS. People that make things for the world wide web versus people that conveniently put all the best things in one place for me to enjoy. And that all kind of seems like it it should be a smooth-sailing-system, but it doesn’t […]

ITALY Advice?

In exactly 29 days, my man and I are fulfilling a life long dream and heading to Italy for the ENTIRE MONTH OF MAY. One may call it a honeymoon, but I’m calling it SPRING BREAK FOR MARRIED PEOPLE. And I’m not writing this to rub it in, I’m actually hoping to solicit recommendations and/or […]