What news sources do you read everyday?

As many people know, GOOGLE READER is dying on Monday. This has basically thrown my world upside down as it is where I check my news every single day, but it also has me thinking about WHAT news I read daily. I try to maintain a balance of global and local news, with a quality […]

Oh Baby, Baby: A REAL Grown-Up Party

Last Sunday I had the incredible pleasure of co-hosting a genuine Grown-Up Party for a dear friend who is having a baby. With my wonderful co-host, Alex, we pulled some serious Martha Stewart/Pinterest worthy moves. Alex made little tea sandwiches in the shape of a pram, and I baked Martha’s pistachio-raspberry tea cakes (as pictured […]

The best present to bring home from any trip: KNOWLEDGE (and booze)

While we were in Italy we tried to find the most thoughtful, bomb-diggity presents to bring home to friends and family, but we quickly realized that we aren’t millionaires and 99.9% of stuff is pure JUNK (and even the junk is insanely expensive!). No matter what awesome place we seem to visit, the cheesy, unnecessary […]

We’re BACK!

Hellooooooo Grown-Up Partyers! I am officially back from my month long European cheese-wine-foccacia-binge honeymoon! As a common result of world travel, I am so inspired by culture, history, people, and experiencing something new everyday that my mind is literally about to explode with crazy ideas/theories/observations I want to share, and I can’t wait to just […]