We’re BACK!

Hellooooooo Grown-Up Partyers! I am officially back from my month long European cheese-wine-foccacia-binge honeymoon! As a common result of world travel, I am so inspired by culture, history, people, and experiencing something new everyday that my mind is literally about to explode with crazy ideas/theories/observations I want to share, and I can’t wait to just spew it all out here on the blog in the months to come.

For now though I just want to point out that we tried our BEST to figure out a cool way to take photos of ourselves that weren’t cheesy, but we TOTALLY FAILED! We felt that the jumping photos and planking is a bit overdone, and this “being led around the world” thing is pretty cool but we didn’t want to be copy cats, so here are a few examples of our best (failed) attempts at something awesome and original (without a tripod):


“The Double Exposure”. At the beginning of the trip I thought this was the best idea of all time, then I discovered it is REALLY hard to line up. And the kissing thing just looks weird.


“Reflections”. This tactic was never going to work as there is never a mirror around when you need it, but we did happen to take 2 mirror pictures on the trip (other photo here)!


“Indie Wedding Pose”. This one is the “prom pose” of indie weddings. We also had high hopes for this tactic, but when we asked people to take our photo they often looked confused and it is definitely not as effective of a pose as when standing in a wedding dress!


Another attempt at the “Indie Wedding Pose”. FAIL.

So in the end we did what most people do. SELFIES! (also here, here, here, here and here!)


7 thoughts on “We’re BACK!

    • I love the mirror photos too but it was tough to find awesome ones and not ones that just looked like we were taking selfies in the bathroom!

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