Oh Baby, Baby: A REAL Grown-Up Party

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Last Sunday I had the incredible pleasure of co-hosting a genuine Grown-Up Party for a dear friend who is having a baby.

With my wonderful co-host, Alex, we pulled some serious Martha Stewart/Pinterest worthy moves. Alex made little tea sandwiches in the shape of a pram, and I baked Martha’s pistachio-raspberry tea cakes (as pictured above). Here is the recipe for the delicious tea cakes, and here are 5 tips that we felt made our Shower of Babes a huge hit:

1. DO get a giant balloon. At least 36”, and make sure you have a vehicle large enough to transport it in.

2. DO secretly get baby pictures of the baby mamma from her parents, as the moment she sees them she will cry due to the thoughtfulness and raging hormones. But good tears!

3. DO let people bring gifts, but encourage people to bring their favourite childhood book to start a library for the babe. Everyone will sincerely have fun when the gifts are opened instead of feigning excitement.

4. DO start a baby betting ring. And follow-it-up with impressive pie charts.

5. DO carve out some time for women to share thoughts/advice/support of entering motherhood, whether they have children or not. Women coming together and sharing wisdom is such a beautiful thing.

And one of the finest touches that we cannot take any credit for was the incredible light shining on the mother-to-be all afternoon as if she was an angel!

After reading some horror stories of the outdated baby shower and that we should not throw them anymore, we all agreed that Sunday was the perfect showering of love and support by a community of women that is not out of date at all, but a meaningful ritual we felt lucky to be a part of.

ps. If you live in Vancouver and are looking for a place to find truly amazing Children’s (and grown-up’s) books head to Collage Collage right now. You will not be disappointed.

pps. If you don’t have time to bake treats (or even if you do), pick up an order of Cartems mini-donuts (pictured below). HUGE HIT.

Here are a few more photos of the Grown-Up Party celebrating beautiful mamma Jilly B:


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