To be or not to be: The changing your last name after getting married debate.

I got married 11 months and 1 week ago. And since I live in Canada, that means I have exactly 3 weeks left to DECIDE (well, free of charge) whether or not I am going to legally change my last name to my husbands. I have seriously battled with this question. I’ve read all the […]

REmemorable Series: Magic Lake, Pender Island

If you are looking for an experience to REMEMBER, like really, really remember as the most perfect summer moment that feels like sunshine and summertime and happiness was created solely for you and your friends, then hop on a ferry and get yourself to Pender Island, BC right now. Then drive to the fire station, […]

Some Inspiration for All Y’all

I’m currently researching something exciting for the next installment of Property Virgins, so while that is in the works I wanted to take this beautiful sunny Friday afternoon to share some things that have inspired me lately to become a better human: 1. If you haven’t seen the documentary Chasing Ice yet, please go do […]

Best Granola Recipe Ever (+ my attempt to make more blog friends)

So as part of my “Goals for the Summer (of Lauren!)“, I pledged to attempt to make and then share a recipe once a week from a blogger I admire. This goal is two-fold. First off, I simply want to practice my baking and cooking (especially while I read Michael Pollan’s latest, COOKED), and secondly, […]

Property Virgins: Is a condo a necessary step to buy a house? (or the stability vs. freedom debate)

A few months ago when I wrote about being a property virgin and looking at our first potential home to buy, I said the two main reasons for wanting to buy a house are the desire for more space (for the million babies we plan on having) and/or for an investment. However, I consciously omitted […]