REmemorable Series: BOAT PARTY

A few months ago I pledged to go on more adventures in order to REMEMBER my life. So when a gang of a few dear friends wanted to do something out of the ordinary, but couldn’t get away from normal life for more than a day, we decided this could only mean one thing: BOAT PARTY. Renting a boat is really the most perfect adventure. You feel a million miles away. You can go swimming anytime, anywhere. You get to live out multiple childhood dreams of being an explorer, sailor and/or pirate. And most of all, it truly is about the journey, not the destination.

The pictures and video don’t begin to capture the epicness of the day, because really in all the best moments, we were too busy living it to film it. We hiked in a fern forest and found a waterfall. We picnicked on home-made chocolate-chunk bourbon banana bread. We found a secluded bluff and proclaimed it “Calling Your”. We swam. We practiced our log-rolling skills in the water. We swam some more. We laughed. And we had cocktail hour in the middle of the ocean as the sun went down.

It does of course cost money, but for $70 an hour for a boat with 6 people on it, it may just be the best $100 you spend all summer. And don’t puss out and only rent for a few hours. Because as my wonderful pal Grace says:

Boat rental half day = a pleasant activity.
Boat rental full day = a memory.


3 thoughts on “REmemorable Series: BOAT PARTY

    • Thanks for watching Jody! Next time you come to visit we should all go on another boat party together!

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