Some Inspiration for All Y’all

I’m currently researching something exciting for the next installment of Property Virgins, so while that is in the works I wanted to take this beautiful sunny Friday afternoon to share some things that have inspired me lately to become a better human:

1. If you haven’t seen the documentary Chasing Ice yet, please go do that right now. It is stunning and gut wrenching all at the same time, and I guarantee after you watch it you will have the fire in your belly to go out and change the world for the better. [Plus it’s on NETFLIX! Booyah.]

2. Seriously, I know too many women – and men – that suffer from this (I myself am very guilty and will work hard to end this madness):

3. A few weeks ago I attended a Loaded Bow event – which is basically an evening full of awesome entrepreneurial ladies swapping stories and ideas (and drinking a few tall glasses of wine). This particular night was hosted by the kind Joel Solomon and he told me the back story to his TEDx talk. I went home immediately to watch it and was very moved (so much so that I registered to become an organ donor), and I can’t wait for the day where he shares the back story with the world of how this talk came to be:

So there you have it! Some quality inspiring words that may just help save the world, ourselves, and one life (or even 7 to 9 lives as that is how many people you can save from donating your organs)!

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