Podcast Party

So with my new job, comes a new commute. And sadly, I no longer get to walk an hour with my husband to and from work, therefore I am on the hunt for more quality PODCASTS. Don’t get me wrong I’ve always had my weekly hit of This American Life in my schedule, as well […]

Rules for the Tiny Computers in our Pockets (aka smartphones)

The other day I sent my husband this video saying “I HOPE THIS ISN’T ME”, and he just replied saying “IT IS”. I’ve shared my feelings before about how I think I suck at social media, but that doesn’t prevent me from letting it consume my life (in fact it encourages it). SO, suffice to […]

Carrying The Banner

If you were a kid in the 90s, you most likely believe one thing to be true: Christian Bale’s greatest performance in a film is as Jack Kelly in the Disney musical NEWSIES. [And if you are unfamiliar with Newsies it is based on the true story of newspaper boys in the 1890s when they […]

The NON-Strapless Wedding Dress

Besides the summer being filled with amazing swims, it also was jam packed full of ENGAGEMENTS. So many dear friends got engaged on romantic getaways, bike rides, beaches and more (here’s looking at you Lizzy, Mary, and Matty McInnis!). And now that I get to help some wonderful lady friends with their nuptials, there is […]