Rules for the Tiny Computers in our Pockets (aka smartphones)

The other day I sent my husband this video saying “I HOPE THIS ISN’T ME”, and he just replied saying “IT IS”.

I’ve shared my feelings before about how I think I suck at social media, but that doesn’t prevent me from letting it consume my life (in fact it encourages it).

SO, suffice to say, this has become an issue in our household. And lately we’ve been noticing lots of people feeling this kind of “social media saturation” (and perhaps the loneliness that can come with it). Some friends are getting off completely, but since our jobs require some level of internet dependency, we’ve decided to set some simple digital rules for our PHONE/LAPTOP use:

1. No phones in bed. It’s a sacred place. If you want to check it, get your lazy bum out of bed and go do it on the couch.

2. No “checking” social media outlets once we get home from work. Because really, when will it ever benefit me to check people’s status updates on instagram, facebook, or twitter INSTEAD of engaging with my husband? NEVER.

3. When in a social situation, phone is used as if there is no INTERNET capabilities. So this means you cannot think of it as a tiny computer in your pocket, but simply a phone, calendar and text machine (similar to pre-2005). The bonus though is you ARE still allowed to use your camera, but try not to be annoying with it (ie. missing out on moments in real life because you are busy recording it with your phone).

So those are our new rules. We’ll see how we do, and if we have any revelations, I’ll be sure to let you know.

2 thoughts on “Rules for the Tiny Computers in our Pockets (aka smartphones)

  1. It’s not just saturation to me. It’s saturation of useless updates from friends, re-posting of inaccurate news and replacement of thought. Try and have discussion in a pub and next thing you know the person you are with uses their phone to find stats that “prove” their point.

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