The World’s Best DIY Halloween Costume: Box of Wine!

Honestly I am not the world’s craftiest person, but I do love halloween (and feel the pressure – like most grown-ups in their late 20s/30s – to have a witty and fantastic costume to out-clever everyone). Now this is not my original idea, but it is one that I have mastered and therefore I feel it is my duty to spread the halloween cheer of how to make the universe’s most economical, easy, guaranteed crowd-pleaser costume:  The Human Box Of Wine!

Step 1: The materials – A box (try it on, you don’t want it to be too huge), spray paint, duct tape, markers, scissors/exacto knife, fanny pack (try to find one on the larger size to fit the bladder), and a bladder of wine (the cheapest you can find!)


Step 2: Spray paint it white. This gives you a clean canvas. Some people cover it in craft paper, others use printed graphics of their favourite box of wine, but I think spray paint is the simplest option.


Step 3: After letting the spray paint dry completely, cut out holes for your head and arms. BoxOfWine_03

Step 4: Go nuts naming, drawing, and decorating your box of wine! Let your imagination run wild! Haven’t you always wanted to name your own wine and design it’s label? My personal wine brand is affectionately called Canadian Chug. If you are like me, you will sit with a glass of wine throwing out ridiculous tag lines (“canada’s most chuggable wine”) while your insanely talented friend goes to town on the artwork (like my pal and artistic genius Nick Fabin pictured here). Oh and don’t forget to plan for and cut a hole in the front of your wine box for the spout.


Step 5: Cut hole in front of fanny pack for the spout, and insert wine bladder. The fanny pack should hold the weight of the bladder, but for extra stability duct tape the bladder to your body.


Step 6: Put box over head, and pull the spout through the hole. Voila! You are now a fully functioning wine box, ready to hit the town as everyone’s favourite affordable beverage and friend!


PS. An extra bonus to this costume is you can wear the comfiest clothes underneath the box, PLUS, if you end up at a bar,  you don’t have to pay for any drinks!


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