3 Stunning Photo Series That Will Make Your Ovaries Scream

I’m thrilled to share that many dear friends have been popping out babies lately (like this baby boy, this precious girl, and this teeny guy out in Halifax!). Nothing makes me happier than seeing friends become parents, and all the joy and love that comes with it. Suffice to say, with all the insane babe […]

The future according to HER

Have you seen the movie HER yet? If not, I recommend that you do, because it’s a wonderful film (And I KNOW films ever since I returned from SUNDANCE). HER is unpredictable, imaginative, FUNNY, and best of all? It has serious style. Set in the not-so-distant future, HER paints a world where technology has the […]

California Roadtrippin’: Palm Springs, San Francisco, Sonoma

It feels kind of cruel to share these photos as much of North America freezes in a polar vortex, but perhaps pictures of sunshine and warmth will provide hope! Basically, our holiday was perfect (besides the whole getting sick thing which always seems to happen to me). We were fortunate to spend a week in […]