What smell brings you back to a time you felt joy?

Last weekend I was in Victoria for some quality family time and my beautiful mother-in-law asked a very interesting question: What smell, touch, sight, taste or sound immediately brings you back to a time you felt joy?

At first my sister-in-laws and husband were a bit stumped, but once we started identifying instances, the weirdest and most hilarious memories came to mind. My sister-in-law Claire said burnt french fries brought her back to her childhood in Winnipeg.

As for me, the question was easy: Balsam fir brings me back to my 10 summers at Camp Laurel South in Maine, Icy Hot (or Tiger Balm) immediately makes me feel like I am back on the soccer field, and hair spray, yes HAIR SPRAY, transports me back to the dance studio.

I was quite the tomboy growing up, so I didn’t start dancing till high school. And although I had terrible form, no flexibility, and the poorest turnout known to mankind, nothing made me happier than throwing on a UNITARD and dancing my heart out on stage. (And for some odd reason with the ridiculous outfits we were forced to wear for these dance performances, copious amounts of hair spray were also required to achieve perfect ballerina buns!)

photo 1

photo 2

Don’t even ask about these outfits. I have no idea what the logic behind them was. photo 3

Honestly it is a surprisingly fun exercise that I promise will brighten your mood. So go ahead and ask yourself, what sights, smells, sounds, touch or tastes instantly transport you back to a place of joy?

And if dancing is something that brings you any form of happiness, be sure to sign up for Grown-Up Party’s first ever dance class here in Vancouver: RIDE IT. It is happening this Saturday March 1 from 2 – 4pm and there are only 5 spots left, so buy your ticket now!


3 thoughts on “What smell brings you back to a time you felt joy?

  1. Nice piece and photos Miss. Katy and family returning Saturday. I have a wine tour so someone else will do the pickup

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  2. There’s a smell of food cooking and other things on a city street or in an urban apartment building that I can’t totally define and can never predict, but it always brings me right back to the apartment in Madrid I lived in during my study abroad, and it fills me with joy/nostalgia every time!

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