Property Virgins: 3 steps you must take before even walking into your first open house

Last week I shared the very personal (and emotional) story about putting our first offer on a house (and the inevitable heartbreak that came with it). So many wonderful people reached out and shared their house-hunting-war stories with me and I can’t thank those kind souls enough, but then a few friends were like, “what the hell, […]

3 Grown-Up PARTIES

To be honest, “going out” isn’t really something I do anymore. I know how lame that sounds, and it’s not totally the truth, as I still enjoy being social, having a good laugh, and getting gross and sweaty from singing and dancing, I just find those opportunities are much fewer and far between for Grown-Ups […]

How to use your hands for something other than typing.

The workplace has changed drastically in the last 20 years (or so I am told). The majority of us now sit all day (which I’ve already explained you’re probably going to die from), but there is another bi-product of the information age worth addressing: most of us do not MAKE anything. Sure I MAKE a […]

PROPERTY VIRGINS: Our first offer on a house (AKA Getting my heart broken by a house)

Not to be over dramatic, but last week I had my heartbroken. By a house. The heartbreak felt as intense as TEEN heartbreak. I cried so hard I couldn’t breathe. All I wanted to eat was pints of ice cream. And I actually felt that I didn’t want to look at other houses in fear […]


Last Saturday on a classic rainy Vancouver afternoon, 30 people got up the courage to attend Grown-Up Party’s first ever dance class. Like all the women and man that attended, I didn’t really have an idea what to expect and was a bit nervous. I knew I was looking for an experience that I haven’t […]

What smell brings you back to a time you felt joy?

Last weekend I was in Victoria for some quality family time and my beautiful mother-in-law asked a very interesting question: What smell, touch, sight, taste or sound immediately brings you back to a time you felt joy? At first my sister-in-laws and husband were a bit stumped, but once we started identifying instances, the weirdest […]


HEY LAAAAADIES (and gentlemen)! Today is one ridiculously great day, and not only because our Canadian hockey teams are absolutely killing it in the 2014 Olympic games, but also because I am balls-to-the-walls excited to announce that Grown-Up Party is hosting our first ever dance class! I have expressed my need for regular silly, sweaty […]

Chicken Soup for the Grown-Up Soul {Recipe}

Last Friday Chris and I had a hot double date with some pals, and I made soup. Sounds kind of boring for company right? But oh no, it was a serious party in a pot. Our friend Ross (who you may remember from this cool video) lost his shit over how flavourful the soup was. […]